What if

Have you ever think of turning back the time?
Where you wished you made the right decision?
The ‘what if’ that keeps on running in your mind,

What if I didn’t reach out?
What if I just let things go as it is?
What if I just stayed at home?

But that would be too selfish for me, right?
To not think about others welfare
If I decided to stay quiet and just go.
I often hated myself for this,
for being to good and kind to everyone.
In the end I’m always the one who suffers the most.

It is okay

Hey, it’s okay.

I know that you needed me
I hear you, always
Do not worry for I am watching you
It is okay, it will be alright
You will always be fine even without me
You’re strong, you can get through this
It is okay, you can now let me go
It’s alright to set me free
Do not drown yourself with my existence
You will continuously live
Set yourself free from the ghost of our past
It is not your fault, things always happen for a reason
That reason will always teach as a lesson
Now let go, let me be with the ocean
Release me out from your system
I will always be here, sailing with the sea
And when the time is right
When you’re ready to go in a voyage with me,
We will then meet again and will explore the ocean,
Then our spirits will live together sailing towards the horizon.

Hey, it is okay. ❤️


Mama, how are you?
Are you doing well?
Does your feet still hurts?
Have you taken your medicines?

I want you to know
that I missed and love you
I think of you always
I pray for your safety.

I’m sorry if I can’t see you
Sorry if I can’t be with you
How I wished I could
so we can go back again.

A home without you doesn’t feel the same
Your morning talks and early cooking
Your warm hugs and kisses to wake me up
I longed for those each day

How I wished to bring everything back
You in our home, happy once again
No hate, no fights, just pure peace
I pray for this to happen one day.

Mama, I love you always and forever
It saddens me that I wasn’t able to say it
But I hope you feel my love for you
Once this will be over, I’ll make sure to see you again.

This time, I won’t let you go away.

Let’s get lost

Hold me with your hands
Let’s take a walked for a while
Show me your brightest smile
As we sway through the wind.

The freezy fresh air of September,
makes me want to cuddle you forever
Tugged me on my smooth cardigan
As I snuggle up a kiss to you.

Come let’s get lost together
Let ourselves be lost on our own world
You and me, me and you
A promise to never let go.

No matter how rough the road
Might take us miles away
May took days to travel
As long as you’re with me, I will be fine.

Come, let’s get lost.

Are you happy?

Maybe we shouldn’t asked, ‘Are you okay?’
Instead we should start asking if, ‘Are you happy?’
Then that would prevent them to answer, ‘I am fine’ to just pretend that everything is okay.
But by asking if they’re happy, it will give us the opportunity to take a look on how broken their inner self is.

When you’re asked if your happy, it will make you think and question yourself.
Am I happy? What’s happiness for me?
You begin to give meaning and defined it with your own version of happiness.

Happiness does not depend if your family is happy or not.
It’s not about taking everything at once and providing them the basics.
True happiness comes within you, your inner self and your soul.
There should be an inner joy for filling the emptiness, the feeling of being at peace,
and the love from someone you longed for.

Accepting that life will never turns out as you wish it is
Letting go of the things that stuck you to move forward
Forgiving those people who once hurt you
Freeing yourself from all the chains that locks you
Are one of the few things to be happy.

Dear self, are you happy?

Let you go

Sometimes no matter how you try to fix everything,
It will never be enough.
There are just things that we can’t control.
Like holding on to someone
Who won’t choose you
and won’t even stay with you.

So now, I’m letting you go.
I won’t hold back anymore.
I won’t chase you after this.
This time, I will let you go willingly.

But please remember,
no matter where you are,
I will always think of you.
I will always miss you.
Know that I’ll always be here.
I will be waiting even if there’s no assurance that you’ll come back for me.
I will still wait.
I will stay for you.

Please hear me out

Please hear me out,
I know, for you my arguments are pointless
but please take a moment to listen.
For you it may be a waste of time,
but let me explain my thoughts, let me defend myself,
I want you to understand me.

Please hear me out,
All I wanted is to reach you.
I just wanted to be heard.
Let me speak without judgement.
I want you to know that I’m tired.
That I am hurting too, and to let you know
that no matter how I want to rest I just can’t.

Please hear me out,
am I not allowed to complain?
Why do you always look down on me?
Why do you hate me so much?
I just want you to notice me.

Please hear me out,
’cause I can’t take it anymore.
I’m starting to get sick to all of this.
I just want to open up to you.
Didn’t I reached you?
Why are you so far?

Please hear me out,
Don’t close your door for me,
I just wanted to speak out for myself.
Don’t locked me in here, I’m scared.
I promise I’ll try not to speak again.
I will be silent, I will not talk anymore.
Just, this once, please hear me out.

Hear me out…